Superior Thunder is an idea brought to the 2015 Thunder Bay Start-up Weekend by local Producer Akio Brayshaw in hopes to develop an online conduit that allows youth to share their understandings, pitch new ideas, access resources, and organize home grown community projects. The initial idea was the brain child of several community members in nearly a decade long conversation about positive growth towards the overcoming of community issues and the implementation of an open source democratic voting pole that allows all local participants to collectively decide on the production of various projects, as well as the potential to have city wide referendums on any and every current or long term issue.

Throughout the course of the Start-Up weekend at the confederation college, a group of dedicated, multi-skilled, young entrepreneurs (check out our profiles) took this idea and brought it to light. All of the diversity, skill-set and professionalism between these seven hearts and minds allowed this dream to be able to become a real movement that will give all young people with great ideas the platform to execute and deliver these new aged ideas in an organized fashion.

Superior Thunder is a peoples’ forum that provides you with the opportunity to voice your concerns, your ideas, and your solutions to pitch potential projects towards the betterment of a community as a whole. With the development of this website we will set the stage for youth providing them with the opportunities to voice their concerns and come together in providing solutions and sustainable projections for an evolving interconnected forward thinking and thriving community.